See our stallion Badi BB' pedigree & PTP Ulteyma's pedigree.

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"  Dash  BB"        (not registered yet)

  ( Badi BB  x   PTP Ulteyma )

   2016 Bay  Colt     


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Happy new owner Shane Leader of Buick BC will make Dash his herd Stallion.  Yea!!!.

Shane and Christine call him "Ash"and say that his training is going super well. (Nov.2018)

Foals   2019  for Sale

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See Pedigree of Sire    Ka-demy BB

and Pedigree of Dam    RHR Adeem

Dark Bay Colt        (not registered yet)

(  Ka-demy BB  x  RHR Adeem)

Price: $2000.